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Stainless steel surface polishing processing technology

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In order to improve the corrosion resistance and decoration of stainless steel products, stainless steel surface is required to be polished. At present, there are three kinds of polishing, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical polishing.

Because of the existing stainless steel electropolishing bath using phosphoric acid and chromic anhydride, in polishing and cleaning processes have a lot of chromium (VI) and phosphate in wastewater discharge, cause environmental pollution, through the test recommended the following formula and process conditions.


40-50 (%) 20-30 H3PO4

15-20 (%) 20-30 H2SO4

HNO3 (%) 10-15

Perchlorate (%) 8-10

Glacial acetic acid (%) margin

H2O margin

Additive amount of A additive amount of glycerol

60-70 (T) 65-70

20-30 (A/dm2) 15-30 10-30 Da

3-5 (min) 3-8 3-5 T

Environmental protection type electric polishing liquid formula 1, 2 do not have less amount of phosphoric acid, chromic anhydride, this formula reduces pollution emissions. Formula 3 no phosphoric acid and chromic anhydride, solve the environmental problems of wastewater discharge is a new type of pollution-free environment-friendly type electrochemical polishing agent, the process such as processes such as process condition and the original basic same, polishing effect is basically the same, to ensure the polishing quality.

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